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06/10/2014 Blog (5)

10 things to do on a rainy day in Wathamstow, E17 (you can find most of them on Twitter!)

  1. Have a lovely pint of home brewed real ale @WildCardBrewery and enjoy some delicious Korean food from @Choi_Boys.
  2. Visit one of the many wonderful and quirky shops @WoodStMarktE17. Art’s, clothing, crafts and cakes.  98 Wood Street E17
  3. Fancy some live music from Mowtown to Ska, Soul to Rock, then you need to visit @TheDukesHeadE17, The Dukes Head, 112 Wood St London, E17 3HX
  1. Cold, wet, achy?  Visit @BeautyAvenueE17 for a pamper treatment to get you feeling human again.
  2. Recreate that Tom Daley dive in Walthamstow before it’s too late (Dear council please rebuild soon and put back the 5m board).  Walthamstow Track and Pool
  3. Feel like getting dirty?  Get yourself a 2nd hand quality mountain bike @stationcycles and hit the forest in the rain.
  4. Walked your socks off round Walthamstow Market, you need to take a load off and have some Superb homestyle Pakistani/Punjabi food @naseemsbuffet Naseem's Punjabi Cuisine 166 Hoe Street E17 4QH
  5. Are you a budding Fred Dibnah?  Then you need The Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum of technology and industry.  Just make sure you phone ahead to check they’re open.  @pumphousemuseum
  6. It’s raining, go to the movies, you might catch a classic @StowFilmLounge
  7. Grab a brolly and come see the best football team in the town @haleendafcvets  We play most Saturdays in Walthamstow and you can even see the pitch from the bar.  Ideal.

So there are ten lovely ideas for you, now all you have to do it get on with it.  See you by the pitch, mine’s a Doom Bar, until I get to the Wild Card Brewery!

19/09/2014 Blog (4)

10 things you should never hear on a football pitch 

  1. Oooh I totally love your pink boots.
  2. Hey Ref, have you put on a few pounds?
  3. Yes, yes I dived
  4. I love it when the fans sing about my wife
  5. That really is an impressive lob?
  6. I wish we could wear a red skin tight tartan shirt
  7. Coach sub me please I need send a Tweet
  8. Wow, keeper, you have such big hands
  9. Does anyone have a hair grip?
  10. Why do you keep chasing me?

I’m sure there’s about a thousand more.

21/08/2014 Blog (3)

10 Things you can do in Walthamstow #E17 for £2 (or less).

  1. This is the first on the list (and in our opinion the best, apart from no. 10 of course).  Walk over to the Walthamstow Village area and go to the Wild Card Brewery.  You can test a half pint of home brewed ale for just (£1.70) Twitter -@WildCardBrewery
  2. Buy £2.00’s worth of food and donate it to a good cause Twitter -  @FoodBankFriE17
  3. Get on a bus using your Oyster Card or contactless payment card (£1.45) and go to Europes longest outdoor market - Walthamstow Market.
  4. Enter a pub quiz and try to win the cash prize (which sometimes rolls over to hundreds of pounds) at The Bell Pub.  Twitter - @Bell_E17.  Tuesdays - 8:00pm (£1.50 entry), 617 Forest Road, Walthamstow, E17 4NE
  5. Visit the William Morris Gallery - Entry is FREE so afterwards go into…
  6. The Tea Room - and have a nice cup of tea for just £1.80
  7. Take a trip to Wood Street and visit the indoor market.  Plenty of quirky stalls on offer and loads of opportunity to spend your £2.  Twitter - @WoodStMarktE17
  8. Catch some rays and look at the beautiful gardens at Lloyds Park - Climb on the new playground, build a sandcastle or just sit watch the world go by all for the grand price of ZERO quid.  Twitter - @folpe17
  9. Learn some local history at The Vestry House.  Twitter - @VestryHouse  It’s FREE entry too, which is nice!
  10. Get yourself fit with Hale End AFC Vets.  Just £2 for a two hour fitness and ball work session is amazing value for money.  You don’t have to register just turn up and train.  Footballers of all ages and abilities welcome.  Twitter -  Seriously, why are you not doing this?  
There's plenty of things to do in Walthamstow for £2 or less and we've just highlighted a few here.  Why not follow 
@awesomestow on Twitter to keep up with everything going on in E17?

05/06/2014 Blog (2)

Ten reasons why young footballers don't need to train.

You’re only 22.  Indigestion is still something old people moan about.  You have a six pack even though the only workout you do is play football once a week.  Oh and you live with your mum and she still tidies your room.

A few things are clear here.  None of this will last (especially the last one).  

But for now you’re young with the world at your feet and can get through 90 minutes without any problem. 

Ten reason why you really don't need to train.

  1. In 20 years you can look like Neil “Razor” Ruddock.
  2. Girls love a beer belly (especially with a stretched tattoo of a dragon)
  3. When you get to 30 you’ll enjoy the banter from the 18 year old winger who keeps beating you “old man”.
  4. Seeing you throw up after 15 minutes of the first half is a great laugh for your team mates
  5. It makes your managers decision easier every week
  6. Running the line is an important job (try to look interested)
  7. Having knee surgery is only 2nd in the fun charts to having a testie removed
  8. Don’t worry about head injuries as you're not able to jump that high
  9. Save money by only playing for 15 minutes or when someone gets injured
  10. Become an expert in making excuses for your poor performance (boots too tights, mud to sticky, air to thin etc etc).
So do you agree or disagree?  Presumably most people with ambition of getting to the top of the game will be fully dedicated and have the right attitude. However this is football and so often you see players with bags of skill yet tonnes of "am I bothered?".  

13/05/2014 Blog (3)

Football players are a pain in the ass!

Being the administrator for any sports team is annoying at best and at worst downright demoralising.  As I send that first email on Monday morning to see which players (who have decided to play for our team through choice not because of some press ganging at the local tavern) are available to play on the following Saturday.  We use an online app ( to create events in order for us to keep an easy eye on who's available, who's not available and who is a completely lazy git and is waiting for us to chase him.  
Now the latter category is the reason for this blog.  Every team has them, although I'm not sure the same process of selection applies to Jose Mourinho, and those most timid of creatures - refusicusreplyicus - are the worst.
In an ideal world we'd all have enough quality players in our teams so that those who can't be bothered to respond - BY WEDS 9PM AT THE LATEST, are instantly relegated to the bench the moment they agree to play (usually around Friday lunchtime).  But refusicusreplyicus is a clever beast and he know's we need him.  He also knows that if he turns up without his subs we'll still let him play (just pay next week son) and he's also pretty sure that we'll also pick him up and drop him off after the game.  
For sadly we suffer the same injuries as other teams and we have players unavailable due to work commitments so until that point arrives when we get a solid 15 available, we'll continue to chase players on a Friday.  
We can't be the only club who suffer this annoyance every week?  Do you have the same issues and how do you deal with it?  We'd love to hear from you.


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Wood Street, E17

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