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Away to Cricketers Horndon

The Vets were away to Cricketers Horndon which on a sticky pitch and just a week before Christmas was always going to be a tough game. 
For some reason we did not play for the first 25 minutes and in thistime our opposition went 1-0 up and deservedly only goalkeeper Steve Hunter kept us in the game. We
were all over the place and not playing like a team so we knew we had to improve in the second half and this we did with Taju going very close just putting his left footed shot just past the post. We seemed to have more of the play without really creating loads of chances but eventually a good move gave Suhail the chance to score at the far post but unfortunately he put this golden chance over the bar with his right foot to his obvious despair. We huffed and we puffed but finally the whistle went and we had lost 1-0.  
After the game a few words were said to show we all care but I would just like to say the following:-

Gary Doodes as Captain needs to show the right example off and on the pitch, yes I agree he wants to win and is passionate but he needs to show this in the correct way So stop moaning Gary and get back to doing what you do best making great saves in goal and inspiring
your team mates in a more positive way.
As for the rest of the team they start to need to look at themselves instead of blaming certain players for
our last two defeats, going training would help and maybe giving 100% on the pitch and that’s with the
ball and without the ball.

I mentioned to our Manager Barry Smith that everything would be ok when we were winning but as soon
as we started losing the moaning would begin. The Management of Barry Smith and Kevin Whitworth

will be honest with themselves now let everyone do the same and start 2012 getting our act together and
push for this League Title.

The other point I want to make is that players don`t realise that managing a team is every day not just on
a Saturday and turning up for 3 hours to play. Plus management means putting up with players breaking
down in matches, players not available at certain times of the season and players getting long term
injuries. Barry has tried to be fair with a big squad of players this season I think it’s time for all of us to
get fully behind him and improve in the New Year. I think we have a very talented squad of players but
without desire, fitness and hard work from every one it’s going to be difficult to be successful.
Man of the Match: Steve Hunter Report Kevin Whitworth
Steve Hunter, Martyn Tribe, Hilary Francis, Halil Hassan, Tony Graves, Kevin Whitworth (Capt), Barry
Smith, Darren Foss, Martin Treadway, Taju Oyedeji, Subs: Suhail Butt, Paul Obwinko, Bill Howard.