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Away to Fulbrook Royals

The Vets travelled to Belhus Park for their last game against Fullbrook Royals a team we had beaten at
home 3-1 when in reality it should have been 9-1. With the League already won it was an opportunity
to relax and play like Champions !!! But you have heard the term after the Lord Mayor`s show, end of
season game and we just can`t be bothered now we have won the League !!
We kicked off with a strong team but the early exchanges were equal with both sides trying their best
on a tricky bumpy end of season pitch, T and Martin with a quality one two that led to Martin having a
one against one with the keeper but he overdid his shot which went wide, T scoring but given offside but
apart from that we were struggling all over the pitch and this eventually led to a misguided header falling
into the path of one of the Leagues top scorers who hit a good shot over the head of Gary into the net 1-
0 down.
Its what we deserved and half time came and Manager Barry Smith was livid as this is exactly what he
did not want to see, a championship winning team being lazy and letting an inferior team dominate us.
Again in the second half the pattern was the same and when they came at us again the striker who had
scored the first was delighted when Gary came charging off his line and the striker dinked a high ball
type cross into the net with several of our players admiring the goal. Gary`s reaction summed it up no he
should not have come out of his goal but as he said he was just trying to close the striker down with our
defence all over the place !!! 2-0 down but suddenly with about fifteen minutes to go we started to show
some urgency and then dominated the rest of the game. Kevin`s pass to Paul who crossed low into the
box where Martin flicked the ball home 2-1, further pressure led to a hand ball Penalty and up stepped
Martin Treadway but the keeper guessed which way and Martins disappointing shot was saved.
Darren Foss unleashed a great shot which saw the keeper fling himself to his right to make a great save
and put round for a corner. We have several other chances yes we had woken up but the whistle sounded
too late a 2-1 defeat and to be honest I believe Fullbrook deserved to beat us on the day. We were lazy,
Lethargic, carrying a few injuries and maybe this was one game too far.
As Barry and myself discussed the season there has been one or two disappointments this season but no
player is bigger then the club !!!
Last year I accused this squad of being a nice bunch of blokes that will win nothing so what a nice
surprise to see a nice bunch of blokes become Division Three (West) League CHAMPIONS !!!
Now we are planning for a higher standard and Division Two so expect the management to want a lot
more from you all next season so we can all have an enjoyable and hopefully successful season.
Gary Doodes (Captain), Sean Windeatt, H, Kevin Whitworth, Martyn Tribe, Darren Foss, Hilary Francis,
Trevor Burton, Barry Smith, T, Martin Treadway, Subs: Bill Howard, Roger Gayle, Suhail Butt, Paul