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C U Next Tuesday

Swearing at the ref, nutmegs in the box, missed an open goal, arguing with a team mate, stupid own goal, refused to run the line......... C U Next Tuesday.

1) Gary Doodes (penalty miss)                                                           29/10/2011 Cup game away to Ford Basildon
2) Gary Doodes (unsporting play)                                                     05/11/2011 League game home to Sanders
3) Hale End Vets (lost 6-0)                                                                 12/11/2011 Cup game home to Frendord Senior
4) Dan Magill. Arranged a lads night out and not allowed out.    19/11/2011 League game home to West Essex Reserves
5) Gary Doodes for losing the plot                                                    17/12/2011 League game away to Cricketers Horndon
6) Kevin Whitworth for spitting his dummy out when subbed    21/01/2012 League game home to Hornminster
7) Dan Magill turned up at 4pm to watch the game that secured the league title 17/03/2012 League game away to Sanders