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Home to Little Thurrock Dynamos

A whistle stop return to league action for the VETS as we welcomed the happy chaps of Little Thurrock
Dynamoans..sorry,sorry.. Dynamos. Due to our gallant cup exploits we've slipped down to fourth in
the table, so this was an important opportunity for us to get some points on board and stay in touch
with front runners. A grey afternoon in Walthamstow was instantly lit up by the unveiling of Paul
O's blindingly fluorescent new boots. I understand traffic bulletins reported drivers on the A406
being dazzled by a bright orange glow that had manifested in the Crooked Billet area. We welcomed
back Kevin after his weekend of luurve and despite the absence of Hilary we lined up more than capable
of taking the points. By coincidence LTD were our last opponents in the league when we turned a
1-3 half time deficit into a 4-3 victory despite having to play two outfield players in goal.. not at the
same time of course.. though it might have helped in the first half of that one. So it was frustrating
that in the opening 10 minutes we found ourselves unable to find a footing in the game. The Britannia
pitch starts to get slow and heavy once the summer weather disappears and although by now this
shouldn't be a surprise to us, time and time again routine passes were being under hit resulting in a loss
of possession. The visitors were being handed plenty of opportunities and only their profligacy in front
of goal kept the score at nil-nil. Then the clouds parted, and descending to earth on a golden sunbeam,
Hilary arrived pitch side and the game turned in our direction. His aura enveloped the green shirts,
Paul's new boots grew some studs and we began to play. A quickly taken free kick from the Windsor
love machine, found MARTIN TREADWAY in acres of space and his clinical finish gave us a slightly
undeserved lead 1-0.

This did not go down well with the visitors and from that moment their game plan revealed itself.
1: Try to play a bit of football.
2: If this fails start to slag off the opposition.."how are you lot near the top, your'e f@*#ing s#!t"..etc.
3:Start abusing the referee (they were quite good at this)
4:Start dishing it out a bit..(not too shabby on this one either).
So we entered stage two, but in no time at all we extended our lead an excellent corner was poorly dealt
with and headed back into the mix by Darren Foss, that's Darren Foss everyone, and TAJU ghosted in
front of the 'keeper to nod in for 2-0. Stage 3 dawneth. I'm pretty sure even the most thick skinned,
non partial referee can only take being told to f*@k off for so long before it starts to influence their
decisions. Mr Mahmood had clearly had his fill and those little 50/50 shouts all started to come our
way. Dynamoans mood darkened and their play began to unravel. We started moving the ball around
with a confidence lacking in the early stages and some assured build up play sent Darren Foss.. yes
that's Darren Foss again.. Away down the left and his pinpoint cross found the head/nose of MARTIN
TREADWAY who powered home for 3-0. Stage 4 reared its ugly head as our guests flailed against the
green tide. Yet apart from a slightly amusing spat involving Bazza and one of the orange men we didn't
allow ourselves to be dragged into a war and shortly before the break MARTIN TREADWAY delivered
the final blow, spinning away from his marker with deft touch, despite a clumsy and bird-brained
attempt to chop him down, he sped away to deliver a sublime finish for his hat-trick and a half time
score of 4-0.
That rarest of birds; a largely silent and drama free break ensued, and we took the field for the second
period looking to add to our tally. The visiting keeper had decided enough was enough and went off for
a shower, so one of their outfield men donned the gloves and yet to their credit they came out and had
a go, hopefully working out that all the cynical stuff doesn't do you any favours.
So they made a contest of it and speaking truthfully, probably deserved to run us close, yet where
Martin had been the star of the first half, Gary Doodes in goal was the hero of the second, producing a
performance decorated with outstanding saves that broke the hearts of the visitors. When Gary wasn't
at it, some woeful finishing and plain bad luck did for the Dynamos. We still enjoyed plenty of the ball
and at times had almost too much time and options, which usually led to indecision. A few changes
in the later stages freshened things up, with Pasquale in particular enjoying the freedom of the right
flank, And as if to really rub it in, seconds remained when Paul O, to complete disbelief, unselfishly set
up DARREN FOSS for number five, both players deserved something for putting in good performances,
Paul's moment is on its way I'm sure. And we won't hear the end of it either.
Man of the match. MARTIN TREADWAY
Gary Doodes,Sean Windeatt, Halil Hassan,Kevin Whitworth, Alec Brown,Barry Smith,Trevor Burton,Paul
Obinkwo,Darren Foss, Taju Oyedeji, Martin Treadway, Pasquale Amico,Paul Laughey, Billy Howard.