Suhail Butt

Suhail Butt was a Hale End player from 1986 - 2014. He played as an attacking midfielder at all levels for the club and will always be remembered for giving 100% on the pitch. Everyone has a favourite memory of Suhail on the pitch, be it a goal, tackle or words of encouragement. Those who had the pleasure of being his team mate cannot forget his battling performances, especially when the going got tough.

Always a gentleman on and off the pitch, Suhail went out of his way to ensure new players were made welcome into the club. We will all miss his gentle nature and infectious smile before games as he walked into the clubhouse with his lovely boys. Hale End AFC will never forget our "Sid".


1996/1997 Senior 2nd team Essex AFA Intermediate cup winner

1997/1998 Senior 2nd team - player of the year

1997/1998 Senior 2nd team AFA Inter Cup and SOL league cup winner

2011/2012 Essex vets league, division two west - league winner

2012/2013 Club fair play trophy - winner

Suhail Butt, 01/03/1968 - 28/11/2014 Rest in peace.

Messages of condolence

I have had the greatest pleasure of knowing Suhail since 1986 when he joined the club as a teenager. He soon became a well respected player and his attitude and commitment was second to none. I couldn't believe that it was Suhail that I saw in trouble that night as he has always been so fit. I have been contacted by lots of past members who knew him and they are in total shock. I have watched Suhail grow from a youth into a man with a family and he has always been the perfect gentleman.

Suhail has always been a pleasure to know and he epitomises what I have always wanted this club to be and its members. He has played at all levels of the club and after a break he came back as one of our valued vets. Lifetime friendships have been forged and I am sure Suhail would have agreed with that. This has been a sad

time for me personally and for the club to lose one of our greatest ambassadors and I send my personal heartfelt condolences to his family.

Just to typify Suhail’s commitment and attitude in a game –

Match report from 30 September 1989

A fine performance from 3rds winning 5 -1 against newly promoted Hadley 3rds.

Goals from Simon Ironside, Lawrence Berry and Paul Tarrant gave us a 3 – 0 lead at half time.

Mick Tarrant scored our fourth and soon after Simon Ironside completed his hat trick.

The hard working Suhail Butt playing in mid field was a major factor in this win.

John Brooks

Your thoughts are with us at this is difficult moment. A great guy, who will be sorely missed

Paul Walters

It is hard to understand why Suhail was taken away from his family and friends in the prime of his life. Football is not a matter of life and death, however the soul of a football club is about life, fellowship and friendship. Taking part is not as important as being part and finding such a club is a privilege and blessing, and Suhail is such a person who makes us feel part of it.

Whilst we may need faith to understand what has happened, what is clear through the experience of the last few days is the proof of Suhail's qualities as a man and friend which are at the very heart of Hale End Athletic Football Club. His legacy is that we should realise what we cherish most in our own lives and the people we are lucky enough to share time with.

David O’Neill

This is devastating news. Please pass on my condolences to Suhail's wife, his dear kids and family and friends - and that's you guys too. I always remember when I first played for Hale End many moons ago and never forget how welcoming he was to me, a nervous, skinny teenager - such a gentleman.

The good, special ones always go before their time and I know wherever Suhail is now he's giving his all and 100% because that's the man I remember.

Take care all of you and be strong xx

Michael Harris

Can't put into words how sad I feel today with the loss of a friend. Someone we have all shared the football pitch with. My thoughts go out to his family and nearest and dearest. We've lost one of life's real gentleman.

Barry Smith x

Just seen the status regarding Suhail. I obviously didn't have a chance to get to know him being New to the club this season, but the words from all of you who knew him are testimony to the kind of guy he was. Very very sad news

Steve Pyle

My sincere condolences to you and all of your family I still cant take this in, Suhail was a fantastic bloke and will be greatly missed.

Yours Sincerely

Kevin Argue

Not sure what to say really, the whole thing is a total shock. He was probably one of the fittest players in the team and could run around all day (something I’ve never been able to do), can’t really understand why it happened to him. As many have said before me, thoughts go out to his family and especially his young children. With a 4 year old and 1 year old myself, I struggle to imagine what it must be like for them…

He was a good player and will be missed by the team, but more importantly he was a decent bloke and will be missed on a personal level…

RIP Cyril

Darren Foss

Words cannot express the sadness I felt on Saturday evening. Having played with Suhail for more than 15 years he was a true gentleman. He will be sorely missed by so many. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family and especially to his young boys how have grown up watching so many Hale End football matches.

Rest in peace my friend.

Sean Windeatt

My sincere condolences to all your family and yourself. Im still in shock for what happened. Suhail was a very good person and will be missed a lot

Yours Sincerely

Pasquale Amico

We have all lost a brilliant person, friend and comrade. This is something very hard to understand and accept at this time. Football is just a game at the end of the day. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but Suhail always played 100% no matter the situation. It was wonderful to see so many current and ex players and managers of Hale End at the burial. It was a lovely to meet Suhails Brothers, Father and family and it gave us the chance to show our respect to not only a fellow player but also an outstanding man.

Love to your family at this very difficult time

Dan Magill

A truly great loss, Suhail was a very genuine good guy. May you rest in peace brother!

Darren Brathwaite

My condolences to your family

Gennaro Napolano

What can you say at a time like this, other than remember him for what he was. Suhail was a great guy, always positive in his outlook, even down to the last game, I saw him play and he had to come off, hamstring, he thought a few sprays of deep heat and he'll be alright to go back on.

I just can't believe his gone. My condolences goes out to all his family.

My you rest in peace Sulhail.

Dorian West

Absolutely devastating news. Suhail was as a lovely man and I will miss bumping into him at QPR for a chat.

Thoughts and best wishes to all his family.

Greg Rogers


Such sad news.

Heartfelt condolences to you all.

God bless you Suhail.

Billy Howard

Just a quick note to say I am at the lodge to lay a few flowers down over by the astroturf. Whilst there I hear a minutes applause was observed with the players, opposition and supporters of the team who train after us on Wednesday. A great and touching gesture from them.


Tim Hawkins

This is terrible news, we were hoping for a better outcome. We can't believe it! Our deepest condolences to Suhail's Wife, Kids and the rest of his Family.

Rest in Peace Brother.

Eke Agbeze

Truly devesated. Thoughts and prays for the family. He was a great team mate and overall a good person.

Marlon Wedderburn

Words alone can not express the loss of such a great man, our thoughts are for you and your family who have lost so much more with this truly tragic news,

He will be truly missed but never forgotten by any of us who had the fortune to meet Suhail,

Please put your arms around the children and his wife and give them all a hug from us all at hale end football club,

Gary Kirby

I didn't know Suhail as well as some of you but I know I liked and respected him as a player and a person. I'll miss seeing him when I do get to go to Hale End.

My heartfelt sympathy to all his Family and Friends. Be strong for each other in this difficult time.

I can't be there today but will spend some quiet time remembering a very good and genuine man.

Rest in peace.

Paul Edwards

Devastating news about a genuinely good bloke and a friend to all. As a new player to Hale End he made me feel welcome from the first day. He will be missed by many.

My thoughts are with his family at this tragic time.

Will Errington

This is devastating and extremely sad news. From myself and my family, please accept our sincere condolences to you and Suhail's family.

Rest in peace

Steve Chambers

It's Sunday afternoon and I've just seen your message. It's my first season at Hale End so I don't pretend to know Suhail very well but it didn't take me long to realise just what a decent man he was. It's hard to take in what has happened and I can only offer you my heartfelt condolences for losing one so young. I'm sorry that I missed the burial but my thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.


Bert Schouwenburg

My condolences to you & all your family. Sid was a strong, kind man who always believed in me. He was a true gentleman. I will miss him.

Hilary Francis

I'm so, so sorry to hear this awful news.

I haven't known Suhail for as long as many of the players at Hale End, having only joined the club as a vet last year. However, I will remember him as a warm and welcoming person, who had a really positive spirit and was a pleasure to play and train with. I can't quite believe he's gone so suddenly and so early, but I'm very glad to have known him while he was here.

My deepest and most heartfelt sympathy to you and all your family.

Richard Adderley

Suhail was a great guy and very honest and never gave less than 100%. It was an honor to know him. He will never be forgotten by us all.

John Argue

First of all, please accept my sincere condolences for the passing of Suhail. I would like to pass on a message to the family.

I only knew Suhail for a short while, whenever we met he had a smile, never heard him say an angry word and if he wasn't playing he always had his boys with him playing on the sidelines. I could tell he loved his football and his family. I was present on Wednesday evening and believed I was possibly the last person he spoke to. He'd just come off the pitch to "have a breather" in his words and said he'd be fine in a minute with his ever present smile. To many of the guys at Hale End he wasn't just another player but a brother, this you will have seen from the messages forwarded to yourself and your family.

Rest In Peace Suhail

"Never To Be Forgotten"

Patrick Cummings

A great guy who will be sorely missed.

Rest in Peace Suhail. The next win is for you!

Gavin MacGregor

To Sammy your family and suhails wife and family.

Thinking of you all. Praying for you all. And have cried for you all at this devastating time.may your god give you strength in the coming days weeks months and years.will think of you always. X X X X. For sids wife and each of his children.

David Wood

Messages of condolences for Suhails wife and family.

Ubaldo Attanasio

Such sad news for every one of us at Hale End, he was a really nice man and so respected throughout the club. He bought me a drink at our 2013 presentation and that's the first time I'd ever spoke to him! RIP, thoughts are with his family

Jay Digance

To the wife of Suhail Butt and his children, please accept my condolences for your loss, may God bless him and may his soul rest in peace. I have only known him a relatively short while, but it was enough time to see him as a humble man and loving father.

Hakim Asha

Suhail was a terrific guy to be around and a pleasure to have played alongside. My thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.

Terry Olivo

Please accept my deepest sympathy for you loss.

Sending our prayers for the family

May god bless you all

and be with Suhail on his journey..

Much Love

Wade Bailey

My condolences to you & all your family. I didn't know Sid as well as most of the players as this was only my first season with hale end but what I do know is that Sid was one of the good guys a genuinely great down to earth guy and a pleasure to know, Sid always made me feel welcome and a part of the team by his smile or just a simple pat on the back to say hi which meant a lot, Sid loved his football on and off the pitch if he wasn't playing on match day he would still pop along with his kids to give his support for the team and when he was playing the game he loved he always put in 110% in to his game and if I could just have half his enthusiasm and energy I’ll be a happy man, Sid was a truly great guy and he will be missed by many.

Jamie Bowen

Sorry for your loss, suhail was a lovely bloke, a true gentleman and a good friend, could not have wished to of played along side anyone nicer,

My thoughts are with you and your family

Gary Doodes

Sorry for your loss, I got to know Suhail playing for the vets for the last few years and found him to be such a good man on and off the field. Once again very sorry for your loss.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Halil Hassan
Suhail Scores v Horminster
Cyrille Chance