About the Vets

The section for everything you need to know about The Vets (and some stuff you wish you didn't).

We play football for the love of the beautiful game. Once the game stops being fun there really is no point!

As a veteran footballers we have hundreds of years football experience between us and in Billy's case nearly on his own. We have seen many changes in the game from rule amendments (remember when keepers used to pick up a back pass?) to the introduction of a national women's league.

Many of us have children of our own who we encourage to play football the right way - with hard work, a positive attitude but always with respect for your team mates, opposition and match officials alike. Oh and to enjoy it which is the reason we all do it. This is also our ethos as a team which is reflected in our excellent disciplinary record and promotion through the divisions of the Essex Veterans League.

We always welcome new players into our team and have a squad made up from many different social and ethnic backgrounds. At Hale End AFC Vets we do not choose players on their appearance or sexual orientation. We base selection purely on the ability to play football (in some cases this isn't always true. Not mentioning names here) and a willingness to do your very best (whilst having fun).

If you fancy a trial or simple want to get back into football all for the amazing price of just £2 for two hours training then please get in touch. Contact us. We promise to ease you back in slowly(ish).